Tooth Infection

This happens when the root of a tooth becomes infected and fills up with bacteria. It damages the nerves and the pulp tissue inside the tooth itself, if kept untreated, so get to the dentist right away if you think that you might have this condition. A deep crack, fracture, or cavity can lead to an infection.

The most serious root infections cause patients to develop painful blisters. These appear in the form of very sore facial swellings. However, blisters usually only occur once a root infection has progressed to a more serious state. If you deal with a painful or cracked tooth quickly, this should not happen.

The only real solution for a root infection is an affordable root canal treatment. This is quite a complex and lengthy treatment, so it takes a couple of hours to complete. It has a reputation for being very painful, but the reality is quite different. As a soporific is always used, patients very rarely feel any pain until after the treatment when the tooth is healing.

The root canal procedure involves a dentist drilling a hole in the top of the infected tooth. They then insert a special file and grind away at the inside of the tooth until a clear tunnel to the root has been made. Once the passage is open, a suction tool is inserted and used to remove all of the infected pulp tissue and nerves. Finally, the empty tooth structure is filled with a tough material called gutta percha. This prevents bacteria from entering and gives the tooth strength.