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Laser Treatment

Dental Lasers: WaterLase - No Shot. No Drill. No Fear

Laser Dental Treatment in Delhi


Laser technology has revolutionizeddentistry, we pride ourselves in constantly remaining abreast of the latest technologies so that we can offer you our best dental services. Being one of the very few centres in the country to be making use of this treatment, we are bringing the latest and most cutting edge technology to you, for your comfort and convenience.

  • Lasers is used in Root Canal Treatment for complete disinfection of canals thus increasing the success of RCT.
  • Lasers are used in managing Temporomandibular Joint pains.
  • Lasers are used in Periodontal (Gum) surgeries. Periodontal therapy can be performed even without raising the flaps and thus eliminating the need of sutures as well.
  • Lasers are used in performing the surgical extraction which result in complete bloodless, painless and stich less surgeries thus minimizing the discomfort to the patient and ensures faster Healing.
  • Lasers are used in healing of the mouth ulcers. Severe pain can just be eliminated in matter of seconds.