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Immediate Dental Implants

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Immediate Dental Implants

Dental Implants Clinic in Delhi

Dental Implants have changed the face of dentistry over the last 25 years. A dental implant is a component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown bridge, denture, facial prosthesis. The implant fixture is first placed, so that it is likely to osseointegrate, then a dental prosthetic is added. Now immediate loading has become far more common for us, where the implants and prosthetics are placed within 72 hours of implant placement.

With utilisation of advanced equipment and modern implants combined with Expertise of Dr. Sanjay Labh who has experience of more than 20 years in oral implantlogy and has been keynote speaker and trainer for many leading implant brands at various national and international platform our Implantlogy department has gone to next level.