Oral Cancers

Clearly, this is one of the most serious dental problems that you can develop, so it is vital that you recognize the signs as soon as they appear, if they ever do. Most oral cancers begin as a small, pale, pinkish mass or growth inside the mouth. It is almost always painless. If you have a growth like this or you are worried about a change in your mouth, consult a dentist now.

A specialist will be able to gently examine your mouth, head, and neck for signs of trouble. For smokers, this kind of check-up is very important, because the habit significantly increases the danger of developing mouth cancer. It is also more common in people who drink excessively, so keep an eye on your alcohol consumption.

The reality is that mouth cancer kills. It has one of the lowest survival rates of all for cancer, primarily because so few cases are caught in the early stages. It is sad to think of how many people could still be alive if they had kept up with routine appointments and exams. Make sure that you never become one of them by making regular visits, keeping a close eye on the health of your mouth, and staying in touch with your dentist.

Ideally, you do need to stop smoking. This will dramatically decrease your chance of developing the disease. If you try and fail to kick the habit, ask your dentist to screen you for oral cancers at every routine check-up. For cancer, prevention is not just cheaper than the cure. It can mean the difference between life and death. Take care of your mouth and consult your dentist immediately if you spot anything troubling.