Enamel Degradation

This is a very common problem and it is characterized by very round and noticeably discolored enamel surfaces. It occurs as a result of exposure to abrasive materials like fizzy drinks and sugary snacks. The acid in these ingredients wears down the enamel and gives it a stained and unhealthy look. In some cases, restless brushing may also be a factor.

The one thing that will lead to enamel degradation faster than anything else is sipping on fizzy and sugary drinks all day, every day. This includes sports drinks, carbonated soft drinks, and most forms of wine. In fact, this is considered to be a professional risk for professional wine tasters and reviewers.

Like cavities, there is only so much that can be done once a certain amount of enamel has been worn away. You cannot get back the material that has been eroded. This means that prevention is always the best cure for enamel degradation. Where possible, swap out soft drinks for water. If you enjoy drinking fruit juices, make sure that you clean your teeth regularly and restrict these drinks to mealtimes.

Your dentist may recommend that you switch to a softer toothbrush, so as not to further erode the enamel. If the surface of teeth are severely damaged, they might require bonding support. In very serious cases, the options will be limited to repairing as much of the damage as possible. The earlier you catch signs of enamel dissolution, the better your chances of recovering the process to some degree.