Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Reduces or eliminates pain from a toothache. Root canals can often successfully treat tooth pain symptoms, as well as symptoms related to infected tooth pulp, such as tenderness, foul smell or taste, and swelling in the gum and jaw tissue surrounding a tooth.

Saves your natural tooth. A root canal removes and replaces the damaged and infected pulp from the inside of your tooth and allows it to function normally after a restoration is placed on the tooth.

Improves the appearance of your tooth. A custom-made crown is often placed over the treated tooth. This can improve the appearance of a tooth that’s been cracked or infected.05

It’s a simple, relatively quick procedure. Root canal therapy typically only involves one or two appointments, including the installment of the final restoration.

It allows you to speak, chew and eat normally. By removing the source of pain and protecting the natural tooth structure, a root canal allows you to keep using your tooth the way nature intended you to.

Reduces the need for future dental work. By stabilizing the tooth and removing dangerous infections, root canals can prevent the need for tooth extractions, dental implants, and dentures. Many teeth that receive root canal therapy will last for the rest of a patient’s life.

Source: phoenixendodontist