The Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Because of the latest advances in dental technology, more and more lasers are being found in dental offices.

Dental lasers are extremely beneficial, especially because they can help your dentist, Dr. Christopher McGonigle, perform dental treatments to perfection. The lasers can aid in many treatments, like:

-Eliminating tooth decay from the mouth and preparing the surrounding enamel for a dental filling

-Destroying bacteria and reshaping the gums during a root canal treatment

-Treating gum disease

-Performing a biopsy

-Removing a lesion from the mouth

-Relieving pain from canker sores

-Quickening the teeth-whitening process by activating the whitening solution, making it penetrate deep into the teeth

Not only can lasers help your dentist during treatments, but they can also help you feel more comfortable in the dental chair. They can:

-Cause less pain compared to a dental drill, which can reduce the need for anesthesia

-Reduce anxiety in patients who are terrified of the dental drill

-Minimize bleeding and swelling during treatments involving soft tissues

-Preserve more healthy tooth enamel while removing tooth decay and placing a filling

Source: dentaldefense